International Database on the Legal and Socio-Ethical
Issues in Stem Cell Research

Useful Links

For more information regarding policies, news and literature particular to stem cell research and to human genetics in general.

Stem Cell Network/ Réseau de cellules souches
A Canadian research endeavour that brings together 70 leading scientists, clinicians, engineers, and ELSI scholars with the mandate to investigate the therapeutic potential of stem cells for the treatment of diseases.

International Stem Cell Forum (ISCF)
This forum aims to encourage international collaboration and funding support for stem cell research and banking. It aims to promote global good practice and scientific progress in this biomedical field.

International Stem Cell Registry (ISCR)
The most comprehensive searchable database on human embryonic (hESC) and induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cell lines, ISCR provides published and validated unpublished information for over 1,200 cell lines. The site also includes a literature database of 1,600 citations that are searchable by cell line name and keywords in the abstract.

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)
An independent, non-profit organization established in 2002 to foster the exchange of information and ideas relating to stem cell research. In February 2007, The ISSCR published Guidelines for the Conduct of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, which is available on the ISSCR website.

National Institutes of Health
A resource for stem cell research with a focus on American policy on stem cell research. The site also includes a Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry.

EuroStemCell (Europe′s stem cell hub)
EuroStemCell presents a European perspective on developments in stem cell research, and aims to help European citizens make sense of stem cells. The project website provides reliable, independent information and road-tested educational resources on stem cells and their impact on society.

UK Stem Cell Bank
A UK based facility which stores and provides ethically sourced, quality controlled adult, foetal and embryonic stem cell lines for medical research and clinical applications.